At Birchtree, we are passionate about developing excellent clinicians. Our Centre of Excellence has a range of specific training and education pathways for practitioners offering supervision, support and internships.

Clinical Registrar Program

The Birchtree Centre is currently seeking clinical psychology graduates interested in expanding their knowledge and confidence in working with complex trauma.

The Clinical Registrar Program is offered at 2 days per week, with one day being a Saturday. All referrals will be provided by the centre. Registrars will be supervised in the provision of treatment for complex trauma, addictions and eating disorders.

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A centre piece of Birchtree Workshops is the Long Limbs of Trauma 2-day Workshop, run a number of times in both Sydney and rural NSW per year.

Professional development workshops are regularly offered by Birchtree Clinicians, and previous trainings are accessible in an online format.

These workshops offer training in topics such as:

  • Working with Complex Trauma
  • Surviving the Impact of Growing up with a Narcissistic Caregiver
  • Polyvagal in Theory and in Practice
  • etc.
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Expertise for agencies

Birchtree clinicians offer on and offsite Faculty Expertise in the fields of Complex Trauma, Addiction and Eating related concerns to a variety of Government, Non-government and Private Agencies.

Individual supervision

Birchtree Clinicians all offer Individual Supervision to therapists within their areas of expertise.

Please contact clinicians via email – addressing email to the clinician you would like to book supervision with.

Specialist group supervision

  • Birchtree Clinicians also offer Specialist Group Supervision.
  • Birchtree Clinicians have also offered Group Supervision to Agencies wanting specialist guidance when working with trauma, addiction and eating disorders. These supervision sessions can occur on site in the agency or at Birchtree.

PhD & Masters Supervision

Dr Sophie Reid and other Birchtree Associates are research focused clinicians who are experienced at designing, implementing and testing clinical interventions.

Dr Sophie Reid has supervised PhD, Masters and Honours students to successful completion.

PhD research projects, Supervision, and Co-supervision are available at Birchtree. Please email our to discuss further.