Many of us have experienced threats to our safety and well-being, both big and small. Sometimes these experiences leave us feeling unsafe and disempowered. These workshops are designed to empower you to stay calm and respond IN THE MOMENT to a threat.

Self Defence Workshop Open – 14th August, 9am-3pm $150

Feeling strong, powerful, and capable to care for yourself is an important component of well-being and good mental health. Some of us have been threatened physically, some of us in other ways. Feeling confident to respond and keep yourself safe in the moment is part of the pathway to great mental health. Open to all levels of fitness and physicality.

Self Defence Workshop for Young People (15-25years) – 4th September, 9am-3pm $150

Young people are a frequent target for assault. Penny will work with young people to both identify high risk settings, to remain calm and able to respond and defend themselves when threatened.

Self Defence Workshop for Mother-Daughter – 30th September, 9am-3pm $150

A chance for mothers and daughters to discuss the threats to women, to bond over their strength and to connect about what it means to keep safe as a modern woman.

About Penny Gulliver

Penny Gulliver, Director of the Self Protection Consultancy, is the leading personal safety consultant in Australia. Penny started teaching self defence in 1976. Her work as a sexual assault counsellor showed the urgent need for the development of safety skills to prevent attacks.
Penny is a government accredited coach and is a fifth dan black belt in Kung Fu. She has a Level 1 Referee qualification with the Australian National All Styles and has received a level 2 Referee/Judge qualification with the International Sports karate Association. She is a long standing member of the Federation of Australian Kung Fu (Wu-Shu) Organisations.

Over the last 25 years, Penny has gained vast experience in teaching a diverse range of people. Thousands of students comprising men, women, and children from government departments, the corporate sector, community organisations, schools and individuals have participated in programs conducted by Penny.

For further information: or 02 9090 2498