Masterclasses will explore topics that are pertinent to working in complex trauma, by lecture, discussion and workshopping in-the-room-content.

The Birchtree Centre of Excellence are thrilled to have Julie Blyth (Clinical Advisor, Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse) and Craig Hughes-Cashmore (CEO of SAMSN – Survivor & Mates Support Network) present at our next Masterclass on Tuesday 21st May. Together Craig and Julie will explore the significant issues involved in working with male survivors of child sexual abuse.

Together Julie and Craig will explore some specific issues in relation to male survivors including:

  • Common concerns men struggle with regarding their physical, sexual and psychological response to the abuse
  • Attunement to the differences in working with male survivors
  • What facilitates recovery for male survivors
  • SAMSN model of professionally facilitated peers support
  • Referral options and literature available for male survivors

Masterclasses are open to medical and allied health professionals. 

Tuesday 21st May 2019  – 7 to 9.30 pm


Craig Hughes-Cashmore: CEO, Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN)

Craig’s experiences of the criminal justice system in trials against two of his three perpetrators, compelled him to co-found Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN), in 2010. As CEO, Craig and his team have developed SAMSN to be Australia’s leading support organisation for male survivors of child sexual abuse and their families.

SAMSN is not affiliated with any religious organisation and employs psychologists and social workers to facilitate support groups for male survivors of child sexual abuse. SAMSN also delivers workshops for health professionals and service providers as well as workshops for the families of male survivors.

Craig is a member of the NSW Sexual Assault Expert Group, Survivor and Faith Group Child Safety Standing Committee (NSW Ombusdman) and is on the board of Knowmore Legal. He was a member of the Prime Minister’s National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Reference Group and the Consultation Network for Adult Survivor Group Work (NSW Health Education Centre against Violence).

In 2017, Craig was a recipient of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship from The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (Australia).

Julie Blyth: Clinical Advisor, Trainer and Consultant in services for survivors of abuse and trauma.

With a background in Social Work, Julie has more than 25 years of experience in the provision of a wide range of consultancy services, including training of counsellors and other workers around responding to abuse, counselling skills and good practice responses. Julie also has 20 years of development, implementation and delivery of training packages in human services, especially in violence, abuse and neglect and treatment of trauma. Services provided to various agencies include clinical practice, supervision, management and investigation of complaints, and staff wellbeing.

Julie was the Clinical Advisor at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, from 2013-17, leading a team who provided support and counselling to all who engaged with the Commission. She also worked to embed a trauma informed approach across the Commission’s activities, and developed a staff wellbeing model to address vicarious trauma. Julie is a member of the AASW.