Isolation and alienation are very powerful effects of trauma.

As such, the ability of groups to provide support and reconnection for members is particularly important within trauma treatment. Group interventions offer unique advantages in addressing the areas in which traumatized individuals have been the most affected.

At Birchtree, we offer many groups that are designed to assist you in a variety of ways. These groups:

  • Provide psychoeducation about trauma and its impact.

  • Provide exploration of skills and strategies to manage current symptomatology

  • Provide validation of your trauma experiences.

  • Provide an opportunity to rebuild trust and decrease alienation and shame

  • Provide an opportunity to witness and create a narrative about the trauma in a safe and respectful environment

  • Provide an opportunity to grieve trauma and its consequences

  • Provide a forum to explore the ‘hard to access’ experiences of trauma through creative art therapy

  • Provide a sense of reconnection physically and emotionally through trauma sensitive yoga.

You may access the Birchtree Group Therapy Program whether you are in individual therapy at the Birchtree Centre or elsewhere.