Interpersonal group

Birchtree Centre, 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge.

Time: 5.30pm -7.00pm on every alternate Monday evening.
Cost: $65 per session.
Facilitator: Shawn Stevenson

Each member of the group leases a seat for the duration of their attendance. Any unattended sessions will require a payment. The group will have a maximum of ten members. As members leave new members will be introduced into the group.


Interpersonal Process Group is a model of group work made popular through the work of Irvin Yalom. The interpersonal interactions that emerge between and among members in the group setting provides the ‘here and now’ material used to support each member in their growth towards self awareness.

The concerns individuals raise in therapy often arise from experiences within the family of origin or other early relationships. These concerns in adulthood may be observed in problematic interactions with partners, children, workmates or friends. In the group setting members are supported to be curious about the process of how they go about developing relationships with each other. What emerges in group over time is often awareness of automatic pilot response patterns or blind spots that reduce opportunities to experience satisfying relationships.

With insight and understanding into relational patterns members are supported to explore and experiment in their group relationships and develop new ways of relating that better meet their relational needs. Yalom has described groupwork as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for relationships in life.

Within a safe and accepting environment members, in interactions with other members, often explore these themes over time.

  • How do I do establish and maintain relationships?
  • What roles do I habitually occupy and do these roles meet my needs?
  • How do I manage rupture and repair?
  • How do I nurture relational intimacy?
  • How do I meet my emotional needs in relationships?

To check seat availability and apply for membership please contact:

Shawn Stevenson – Ph. 0418 674 122
Or Email:

About the Facilitator

Shawn Stevenson
Shawn Stevenson
Psychotherapist and Interpersonal Group Facilitator

Shawn combines working as a psychotherapist in private practice with facilitating interpersonal process groups and teaching at the University of Western Sydney.

In his Masters degree he studied the Yalom model of process group therapy. Post-graduation he was a member in a Yalom style process group for mental health clinicians for seven years. Shawn has also been active facilitating and participating in men’s groups in a variety of community-based settings for many years.

Shawn has witnessed the transformative power of process group work on many people’s lives, including his own.  A process group has a unique capacity to facilitate change. It aims to offer a safe place for members to develop awareness about, and experiment with, how they engage in the unfolding process of group relationships from meeting to meeting.

Irvin Yalom describes group therapy as “a dress rehearsal for life”. It provides members with often new ways of understanding themself and developing useful interpersonal skills that support movement towards meaningful and satisfying relationships.