Tai Chi

Birchtree Centre, 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge.


Mondays 10:30am

Next term starting: 30th May


$145 for 5-week term

$280 for 10 weeks

Participants must be fully vaccinated in order to enrol in this year’s term.

Jesse Russell-Williams


A 5-week term of tai chi to aid in the recovery from trauma, anxiety, and depression. Classes run for 1 hour, once a week, with the potential for continuing practice.

Tai chi is an ancient therapeutic art that aims to harmonise body, emotions, and mind. Soft, gentle movements help to release tension in the body, deepen the breath, and calm the thoughts. This regulates both the nervous system and cardiovascular system. In the short term, alleviating stress and anxiety and in the long term, re-educating and transforming deeply learnt patterns in the body/mind. As one becomes familiar with the movements there is also an experience of stillness within motion which brings with it a new sense of confidence and control. There is a substantial and growing evidence base in the medical literature showing tai chi to be effective in reducing anxiety and depression and assisting in the recovery from trauma.

A typical class involves:

  • A short introduction to the principles and practice of tai chi specifically related to that week’s class.
  • Some gentle warm up movements designed to mobilise the joints and awaken the muscles.
  • The practice of tai chi and qi gong movements, or forms (all movements are done either standing up or seated in a chair and participants are invited to choose what feels right for them each class).
  • A short discussion and Q and A to check in with how people are finding the practice.
  • Techniques for incorporating the practice into daily life.

About the Facilitator

Jesse Russell-Williams
Jesse Russell-Williams
Tai chi therapist

Jesse is a kind-hearted and caring practitioner with a calm and reassuring presence. He has been studying tai chi, meditation, and internal martial arts for twelve years and has been teaching for the last eight. He works as a tai chi therapist at a number of mental health facilities across Sydney and also teaches tai chi in the community. He has seen firsthand the transformational potential of tai chi therapy for those suffering from the effects of trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction. He strives to see the unique human being in each one of his clients and invites them to participate in a way that feels right for them in their own body.

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