Our Trauma Support Groups run for six sessions, fortnightly. Two therapists look after and guide the group through a number of themes common to individuals struggling with a legacy of complex trauma. Themes include:

  • Experiences with disclosure
  • Understanding the internal split between my ‘Going on with Normal life’ self and my Traumatised self.
  • Physical Manifestation of trauma – where and how does it live in my body?
  • Shame and Guilt – how do these impact me in my present life and what can I do to navigate them?
  • Revictimisation – Who do I let in my life? Letting go of those who can’t support my journey forward
  • Survivor Missions – Creating Meaning…Where to from here?

Individuals meet in a safe, supportive environment that allows space for reflection and validation. It is well documented that Reconnection and finding commonality with others are integral parts of recovery. This group enables participants to connect with others who have had similar histories, while making sense of their own experiences.