Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Birchtree Centre, 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge.


Wednesday 1pm Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery
Wednesday 5pm Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery
Thursday 1pm Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery

New term starts on May 23rd, 2022


$165 per 6-week term

$325 per 12-week term

Participants must be fully vaccinated in order to enrol in this year’s term.



You may choose between a 6 or 12 week program of Trauma-Sensitive Therapeutic Yoga classes to assist you in recovery from trauma and stress. This program is one hour a week for 6 weeks, or 12 weeks.

A typical class will involve:

  • A short informative discussion of yoga for trauma recovery
  • Gentle breathing exercises, postures and yoga movements for releasing tension in the
  • body, regulation of the nervous system and calming the mind
  • Relaxation and/or mindfulness meditation practice
  • A short discussion of the practices for self-help in your daily life for the upcoming week.

No prior yoga experience necessary.

Times and Days Available:

Wednesday 1-2pm or 5-6pm Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery
Thursday 1-2pm Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery
6 week courses. $165 plus gst

Bookings are essential.

Classes are at the Birchtree Centre on level 5 in the group room.


6 week program = $165 (incl GST)

12 week program = $325 (incl GST)

For questions or queries email Kylie

Yoga for Recovery at the Birchtree Centre

During the course, Kylie will introduce and lead you in exploring the gentle healing power of yoga. You will develop abilities to self-regulate the breath, release tension and develop mindfulness through emotional rebalancing. This trauma-sensitive practice will help you integrate your healing process through lessons and practices conjoining the body, the mind and the breath.

Yoga helps you to learn and practice activating the “relaxation response”. The relaxation response is the opposite to our fight/flight/freeze response. It is our innate biological response to a regulation of the breath thus facilitating a calm mind and gently encouraging healing and recovery. Too often after traumatic events, we have not had the opportunity to regulate and heal causing trauma to remain held in our body-mind continuing to induce distress.

The art of understanding and engaging the body and breath in healing has been somewhat neglected until recent times. It is an integral part of healing and recovery for those who have experienced traumatic events and/or abuse. Yoga is the cultivation of the mind-body-breath relationship, a relationship which helps us to live more in the now, in the moment.

Kylie is an experienced yoga teacher and yoga therapist who weaves the psycho-biology of trauma and recovery into the ancient wisdom and practices yoga. Her approach is gentle, trauma-sensitive and self-empowering.

About the Facilitator

Kylie Hennessy BSC
Kylie Hennessy BSC
Yoga Therapist

Kylie is a yoga therapist, senior yoga teacher and a yoga teacher trainer. She is founder and director of Balance Yoga Sydney (formerly Concord Yoga Studio). She has taught yoga therapeutically with an awareness of healing and trauma recovery for many years and in many settings including her own studios, hospitals and other healing centres. She is known for her warm and caring approach and her modern scientific understanding into the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Kylie’s passion is teaching yoga authentically in a way that helps people to become more aware of themselves, create more balance and find inner peace. She makes yoga accessible, educates, inspires and nurtures people towards greater wellbeing to improve the quality of their life. After graduating from a Bachelor of Science (Maj chemistry and biochemistry) she continued her fascination with understanding the health, consciousness and energy through Yoga.

  • Kylie Hennessy (BSc)
  • Yoga Therapist and Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Australia (YA)
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer Progam Director, Facilitator, Registered Yoga Teacher Mentor (YA),
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Author

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