Diana Divecha, Ph.D has an excellent blog called Developmental Science. I was particularly interested in an article from April where she talks about the importance of secure attachment in developing children, but also dispels a couple of myths that have come to us by way of the Attachment Parenting movement.

Dr Divecha quotes research from developmental psychologist, Alan Sroufe, that suggests that the practices regarded by Attachment Parenting as essential – home birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc – are not the main contributors to a genuinely secure and loving attachment with your child.

“Attachment is not a set of tricks,” says Alan Sroufe. “It is a relationship in the service of a baby’s emotion regulation and exploration. It is the deep, abiding confidence a baby has in the availability and responsiveness of the caregiver.”

If you have an interest in early childhood development, I recommend this excellent article.

Read the article here