As many practices have found, the last few months have led to unprecedented demand for services at Birchtree Centre with referrals coming from throughout Sydney, and occasionally beyond! In order to come closer to meeting this demand, we will be opening a second Birchtree Centre in Pymble on February 1st 2021. 

An opportunity exists to join the Birchtree Centre of Excellence in Trauma, Addictions and Eating Disorders as a contract individual therapy provider.

We are looking for clinicians who are interested in joining our team to work out of the new centre.

Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist, 

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker 

The centre is a collaborative centre of trauma specialists, whereby contractors pay a room rental fee.

  • Referrals are provided.
  • Contractors work independently in terms of their own administration and billing.
  • As a collaborative centre, however, contractors are expected to participate in centre business.

The ideal candidate is experienced in working with adolescent and adult survivors of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect, and has trained with the major trauma specialists in provision of therapeutic services.


  • Medicare Provider number,
  • At least fortnightly supervision with a trauma specialist (we are happy to support accessing suitable supervisors).
  • 3 years experience after postgraduate studies
  • Training and experience in working with complex and developmental trauma


  • Training in working with Adolescents
  • Training/ experience in working with eating disorders and/or addiction

 To Apply or for further information: Please send CV and cover letter to Jace and Sophie via email:


Thank you for your ongoing support of Birchtree and we hope to see you soon.