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In 2022, the Birchtree centre presents four online masterclasses for therapists. For the first time we welcome David Hollier who will talk about his work experience with perpetrators of domestic abuse and will explore the often asked question “Why does he do it?”. Complicated grief is also a new masterclass where the intersection between trauma and complicated grief will be explored. Due to high demand our masterclass about the impact of growing up with a narcissistic caregiver is back this year. Lastly, Rachel Moss and Kate Turner will talk about experiences of sexual assault survivors, with a particular focus on the NSW criminal justice system.


Why does he do it? Troubled troublemakers and intimate terrorists: Identifying and Treating perpetrators of domestic abuseTuesday 24th March 2022

  •  Further details to be provided soon
  • Presenter: David Hollier

Complicated GriefTuesday 24th May 2022

  • This masterclass will focus on the intersection between Trauma and the experience of Complicated Grief. Complicated Grief or Prolonged Grief Disorder is thought to affect approximately 7% of bereaved people – with this percentage increasing significantly among survivors of developmental trauma. Commonly clinicians struggle to identify it with survivors often instead treated for depression or PTSD.
  • Presenters: Dr Sophie Reid and Jace Cannon-Brookes

Surviving the Impact of Growing up with a Narcissistic CaregiverTuesday 16th August 2022

  • Many survivors of complex trauma describe growing up with Narcissistic Caregivers. The emotional temperature of their house was controlled at all times by the Narcissist. Unfortunately, children who grow up with a narcissistic caregiver frequently have their distress unnoticed, untreated and unassisted. Most arrive in adulthood feeling that something is deeply wrong, often struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and difficulties within their intimate relationships. All too often these experiences remain disconnected from their life within their family growing up. This workshop is for those who grew up with a narcissistic caregiver.
  • Presenter: Dr Sophie Reid and Jace Cannon-Brookes

Experiences of Sexual Assault Survivors in the NSW Criminal Justice System: A Guide for TherapistsTuesday 25th October 2022

  • The nature, extent and characteristics of sexual violence
  • NSW sexual assault justice system responses including police, Office of the Department of Public Prosecution, Witness Assistance Service and the Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Service (including how to manage a subpoena)
  • Presenters: Rachel Moss and Kate Turner