This Masterclass will provide an introduction to Polyvagal Theory drawing on the work of Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.

Together we will explore how knowledge of our clients, and our own, nervous systems assist in:

  • Providing a ‘hope filled road map’ to work with ANS activation and build autonomic flexibility
  • Depathologising reactions and thus decreasing shame
  • Understanding how and why clients move through cycles of mobilisation or shut down
  • Building safety and opportunities for connection
  • Accessing the ANS state as a regulating resource
  • Understanding and effectively responding to the emotional and physiological presentations of PTSD and CPTSD
  • Making sense of a client’s history through the adaptations their ANS has made over the years
  • Regulating our own ANS, such that it can be a resource for settling a client’s mobilised or immobilised state.

Date: 11th November 2021

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: $80

Due to recent feedback, this training will be delivered online via zoom.

Students and registrars are eligible for discounts. Please contact

About the presenters:

Jace Cannon-Brookes

Jace Cannon-Brookes

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Co-Director of Birchtree: Centre of Excellence for Trauma, Addictions and Eating Disorders

Jace Cannon-Brookes has worked as a Clinical Psychologist across private and public settings. Her work has covered bereavement services, eating disorder units, and acute and general psychiatry. For fourteen years Jace worked within drug and alcohol centres, where she designed and co-ordinated a six week residential rehabilitation program, with a focus on the treatment of complex trauma for women with histories of substance dependence. Jace has also completed the intensive Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) training and subsequently co-ordinated the implementation of a 12 month out-patient DBT program. She has completed the Diploma of Psychotherapy with ANZAP. Jace has run trainings on Complex Trauma and DBT for NSW health services, NGO’s, professional colleagues, and within the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology programs at the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Sophie Reid

Dr Sophie Reid

Clinical Psychologist

Co-Director of Birchtree: Centre of Excellence for Trauma, Addictions and Eating Disorders

Sophie holds a Masters of Clinical Psychology and a PhD in psychology Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Sophie has been a clinically focused academic at Sydney University, Monash University, Melbourne University, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. She has supervised PhD, Masters and Honours students, and continues to collaborate on a number of projects in the trauma and eating disorder areas. Sophie has been a member of the Expert Working Committee for beyondblueSophie has extensive experience working with adults, children and adolescents, parents and families. Sophie specialises in helping both individuals and families experiencing childhood trauma, childhood illness and the associated trauma, eating disorders, grief and loss, addictions, couple and relationship issues. A passion for child advocacy has lead Sophie to focus her clinical work on helping people heal from the trauma of childhood/ adolescent difficulties and to assist people to become a more peaceful integrated self.