Trauma Support Group

Reflect, feel validated and connect with others who understand what you’re going through.

Connect, reflect and find community

Our Trauma Support Groups are here to help you on your journey to healing from complex trauma. Over eight sessions, held fortnightly, two friendly therapists will guide the group through discussions of common themes faced by those healing from complex or childhood developmental trauma.

In a safe and caring environment, you’ll have the chance to reflect, feel validated and connect with others who understand what you’re going through.

This group enables participants to connect with others who have had similar histories, while making sense of their own experiences.

Requirements to participate in the group are a minimum age of 18 years and that you are engaged in individual therapy.

The group is aimed at complex / childhood / developmental trauma, as opposed to single-event trauma. The topics are often based around the timeline from child-adult and the family system as well as how you cope now day-to-day as a result of your trauma.

It provides members with a safe community, to share their coping strategies, experiences of navigating through life, and to find support in things they’re struggling with.

It is run by two clinicians who guide the group with regards to the topic for that week, and the discussion points.


Term 2 due to start July/August 2024 


Wed fortnightly – 6:30-8pm


Forest Lodge / Pymble Centre


Danielle Russom and Stephanie Tsang


$60 per session ($480 total)
Monthly payment plans and a limited amount of low fee spots available

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Who is our Trauma Support Group for?

This group is for you if you are:

  • Struggling with the legacy of complex, or childhood developmental trauma
  • Seeking to connect with others with similar experiences
  • Wanting to focus on coping day-to-day as a result of trauma
  • Over 18 and already seeing a therapist individually (a compulsory requirement)

How we facilitate the Trauma Support Group

Our Trauma Support Group focuses on how you cope day-to-day as a result of trauma, rather than talking about specific traumatic events. That’s why it’s important for all members to be seeing a therapist individually while they are enrolled as a member of the group.

The group offers a safe place to share coping strategies, talk about day-to-day experiences, and find support in a community of people with shared struggles, reminding everyone that they are not alone.

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We’re here to support you on your healing journey.

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