Clinician Support

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you support your clients, gain new skills, gain CPD points or advance your career.

Clinical Registrar Program

The Clinical Registrar Program at Birchtree is tailored for clinical psychology graduates seeking to broaden their understanding of complex trauma. It includes two days of immersive training per week, supervision in the provision of treatment, and guidance in related fields.

The program not only fosters professional growth but also instills confidence in working with unique challenges. Join us to enrich your practice and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those you serve.

Individual & Specialist Supervision

Birchtree’s Individual Supervision offers personalised guidance tailored to your area of expertise. Our experienced clinicians provide valuable insights, helping you refine your approach and techniques.

Furthermore, our Specialist Group Supervision extends support to agencies requiring unique guidance in trauma, addiction, and eating disorders. Together, these supervision opportunities create a nurturing environment that fosters continuous learning and excellence.

Clinician Training

Our workshops, including the distinguished Long Limbs of Trauma workshop, stand as a testament to Birchtree’s commitment to professional development. We offer sessions in various locations and online, covering critical subjects like working with complex trauma and understanding the impact of specific caregiving dynamics.

Additionally, our collaboration with government, non-government, and private agencies showcases our far-reaching expertise. Join us and take part in our mission to transform the way clinicians approach and heal complex trauma.

Access exclusive clinician masterclasses, earn CPD points and learn new skills to assist your clients on their healing journey

Education & Workshops

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Understanding The Long Limbs Of Trauma

In Person Workshop 14th & 15th November


Tickets on EARLY BIRD pricing for limited time! This 2 day in-person workshop will provide professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the long limbs of trauma and its pervasive impact on brain function, impulsivity and behavioural dysfunction, whilst exploring the importance and application of self care for clients and health professionals alike.

Trauma and Boundaries

Online Masterclass - 12th March


Join us for a comprehensive exploration of boundaries, where we’ll provide insights and practical tools to navigate the intricate landscape of personal boundaries and promote emotional well-being and self-protection.

Trauma and Habits

Online Masterclass - 30th July


This masterclass will draw on neuroscientific research, societal influence and the impact of trauma when exploring the formation and mechanisms of habits, and provide strategies to transform habits.

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