Please note there is a waiting time of approximately 2 months for an appointment at both our Forest Lodge and Pymble centre, please specify which centre you would prefer to join the waiting list for.

Please note we do not see children under the age of 16 at Birchtree
Please do NOT use a yahoo email address as they are not supported by our system.
A mental health treatment plan lets you claim up to 20 sessions with a mental health professional each calendar year and up to 40 sessions if you have an Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plan. Fees are between $140 and $220, we do not bulk bill. Medicare rebates are the following: Clinical psychologists $129.55, general psychologist $88.25 and social workers $77.80. Currently, clinicians who are registered with Victim Services are at capacity, please check the Victim Services website for available clinicians.

Please note we are currently at capacity for Victim Services and are not accepting any more referrals under this scheme. Please contact Victim Services NSW for alternative referral options.