Interpersonal (Yalom) Group

Explore and understand your relationships with deeper self-awareness.

Explore how you develop relationships

The Interpersonal Group, based on the work of Irvin Yalom, uses interpersonal interactions within a group setting, to foster self-awareness and personal growth. 

Many of the concerns that arise in therapy stem from early family experiences or relationships, often manifesting in adulthood as problematic interactions with loved ones, colleagues, or friends.

In the group setting, you will be encouraged to explore how you develop relationships with group members, leading to an increased awareness of automatic response patterns or blind spots that hinder satisfying relationships.

With insight and understanding into relational patterns members are supported to explore and experiment in their group relationships and develop new ways of relating that better meet their relational needs. Yalom has described groupwork as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for relationships in life.


Top floor, Group room, Birchtree Centre, 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge.


In Person – Clinicians only
5.30pm-7pm every alternate Monday evening, starting 5th February 2024

In Person – Clients/Public only
5.30pm-7pm every alternate Monday evening, starting 29th January 2024

Online – Clients only
5.30pm-7.00pm every alternate Monday evening, starting 29th January 2024


Warren Werksman (in-person)
Shawn Stevenson (online only)


$75 per session

Who is the Interpersonal Group for?

This group therapy is a match for you if you:

  • Want to understand how you build and maintain relationships
  • Want to understand the roles you might habitually occupy in relationships, and whether they suit your needs
  • Want to better understand how to repair ruptured relationships
  • Crave deeper emotional and relational intimacy
  • Are interested in growing your self-awareness

Our approach to the Interpersonal Group

Birchtree Interpersonal Groups provide a safe, welcoming space where you can explore your relational patterns through your interactions with the support of  fellow group members. The Yalom group helps you answer critical questions about how you establish relationships, the roles you tend to occupy, and how you handle emotional ups and downs.

Our experienced therapists guide you to be curious about your process of developing relationships within the group. This setting offers you a ‘dress rehearsal’ to experiment with new ways of relating that genuinely meet your needs. You gain insights and tools to create more satisfying relationships in your everyday life.

Your Interpersonal Yalom (Group) facilitators

Warren Werksman

Psychologist and Interpersonal Group Facilitator

Warren is a psychologist in private practice, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at UNSW in 2000 and a Masters of Counselling Psychology at Macquarie University in 2007.  He has over 20 years experience running groups in diverse settings including drug and alcohol rehabs, prison and hospitals as well as for private contracts and in the workplace.  His understanding of Yalom Interpersonal process groups comes from direct experience – he is still an active member of a group he joined in 2008.  He has undergone two trainings in Yalom group facilitation with Lakescope Consulting in 2017 and 2022.
Irvin Yalom describes humans as inherently social creatures.  We are designed to relate to each other.  Fulfilling relationships bring a wealth of joy.  Difficulties in relating to others creates emotional distress and can underpin mental unwellness. Participation in a Yalom Interpersonal process group affords individuals a unique opportunity to learn about themselves in the “here and now”.  Group members build understanding of how to get their needs met in relating to each other. They are able to practice this in a safe environment and with valuable feedback.  Over time, members translate their experiences into their everyday life, often reporting an improvement in confidence, self esteem and wellbeing.  Participation in a Yalom Interpersonal process group gives you the tools to reflect deeply upon yourself and actively improve how you relate to others.

Shawn Stevenson

Psychotherapist and Interpersonal Group Facilitator

Shawn combines working as a psychotherapist in private practice with facilitating interpersonal process groups and teaching at the University of Western Sydney.

In his Masters degree he studied the Yalom model of process group therapy. Post-graduation he was a member in a Yalom style process group for mental health clinicians for seven years. Shawn has also been active facilitating and participating in men’s groups in a variety of community-based settings for many years.

Shawn has witnessed the transformative power of process group work on many people’s lives, including his own.  A process group has a unique capacity to facilitate change. It aims to offer a safe place for members to develop awareness about, and experiment with, how they engage in the unfolding process of group relationships from meeting to meeting.

Irvin Yalom describes group therapy as “a dress rehearsal for life”. It provides members with often new ways of understanding themself and developing useful interpersonal skills that support movement towards meaningful and satisfying relationships.

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