Trauma Sensitive Yoga

A a special kind of yoga practice designed to be safe and supportive for individuals who have experienced trauma, through actively regulating and toning the nervous system.

Rediscover the healing power of your body and mind

The art of engaging the mind-body-breath in healing has been somewhat neglected until recent times in the west. However, it is an integral part of healing and recovery for those who have experienced traumatic events and/or abuse. Yoga is the cultivation of a more present and steady state of mind.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a special kind of yoga practice designed to be safe and supportive for individuals who have experienced trauma, through actively regulating and toning the nervous system.

During the course, Kylie will introduce and lead you through a trauma-sensitive therapeutic yoga practice that includes gentle movements and postures, breath work, a cultivation of mindfulness and compassion, meditation and deep relaxation exercises.

Individual Yoga Therapy is available and a 1 hr session includes:

  • Individual assessment
  • Individualised yoga practice session
  • Tailored home practice

No prior yoga experience is necessary, but bookings are essential.


Forest Lodge Group Room, Birchtree Centre, 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge NSW 2037


Choose from:

  • Wednesday 2–3pm
  • Wednesday 5–6pm
  • Thursday 5–6pm
  • Individual sessions also available


Kylie Hennessy


Per 6-week block:

  • Full fee: $330
  • Low fee option 1: $230
  • Low fee option 2: $198

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Who is Trauma Informed Yoga for?

Trauma Sensitive Yoga can be particularly helpful for individuals who:

  • Are looking to release old, stuck emotions
  • Want to develop a relaxation response and ability to heal
  • Are seeking experiences of wholeness, connection, and inner peace
  • Are interested in a body-centred approach to healing, using somatic processing
  • Want to improve bodily awareness and regulation

Our approach to Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Our Trauma Informed Yoga classes, led by our experienced instructor Kylie, are grounded in compassion, sensitivity, and science. This practice includes gentle movements and postures, breath work, mindfulness, and deep relaxation exercises for releasing tensions in the body and calming the mind, are all designed to support healing and recovery.

Trauma Informed Yoga is different to other yoga, being focused less on poses, and more on the gentle invitation to reconnect with the body in a manner that is tolerable.

Benefits of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yoga therapy has many benefits, just some include:

  • Regulating and toning the nervous system
  • Enquiry into the senses and thought patterns
  • Healing and releasing old stuck emotions
  • Developing the relaxation response and ability to heal
  • Experiences of wholeness, connection and inner peace
  • Myofascial releasing, stretching and strengthening
  • Changing neurological and neuromuscular processing

Your Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator

Kylie Hennessy (BSc)

Yoga Therapist

Kylie is a yoga therapist, senior yoga teacher and a yoga teacher trainer. She is founder and director of Balance Yoga Sydney (formerly Concord Yoga Studio). She has taught yoga therapeutically with an awareness of healing and trauma recovery for many years and in many settings including her own studios, hospitals and other healing centres. She is known for her warm and caring approach and her modern scientific understanding into the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Kylie’s passion is teaching yoga authentically in a way that helps people to become more aware of themselves, create more balance and find inner peace. She makes yoga accessible, educates, inspires and nurtures people towards greater wellbeing to improve the quality of their life. After graduating from a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry) she continued her fascination with understanding the health, consciousness and energy through Yoga.

  • Yoga Therapist and Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Australia (YA)
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer Progam Director, Facilitator, Registered, Yoga Teacher Mentor (YA),
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Author

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