Empowered Self Defence

Regain your sense of control, confidence, and safety.

Find Healing Through Creativity

Birchtree is committed to helping you on your healing journey, which includes feeling safe and confident in your own skin. 

Our Empowered Self Defence classes are designed to equip you with physical techniques, a positive mindset, and an empowered approach to life.


There are two groups that run on Fridays for 1.5hrs


08:30am – 10:00am
11:00am – 12:30pm


Top floor, Group Room, Birchtree Centre, 58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge.


Nicola Slack AThR and Jennifer Dustmann AThR


$65 per session

Who Is Empowered Self Defence for?

Empowered Self Defence is perfect for anyone that is:

  • Looking to reclaim a sense of control and safety
  • Wanting to bolster self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Aiming to nurture a stronger, more positive mindset
  • Healingfrom past trauma and wishing to rebuild their sense of self

Our Approach to Empowered Self Defence

Our approach to Empowered Self Defence is holistic, focusing on personal safety from all angles. Classes include physical self-defence techniques, situational awareness, and strategies to develop an empowered mindset. 

Our trainers are skilled in understanding the complexities of trauma and provide a supportive and respectful environment. Classes are designed to empower you, helping you regain control, boost self-confidence, and develop a strong, positive mindset.

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