There is no greater agony than leaving an untold story inside you

Our Service

The Birchtree Centre is a collective of Sydney psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists.

The centre provides a safe space for survivors of complex trauma, addiction and eating disorders to access treatment. Birchtree’s program provides Individual and Group Therapy, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Art Therapy. Groups and workshops are also available for family and friends of those who have experienced complex trauma.

The Birchtree Centre of Excellence also offers training to practising and training psychologists and therapists.

Services for clients

Individual And Group Therapy

All the Individual Therapists at Birchtree have extensive experience working with survivors of trauma. They understand the complexities that can occur when your trust has been broken in the past.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

We can support the healing process by helping you to find stability and safety in your body. Our classes guide you through gentle moving yoga poses.

Art Therapy

Friday morning art therapy provides the opportunity to explore and give expression to feelings that may be otherwise hard to communicate.

Interpersonal Group

Group sessions allowing you to raise concerns you may have about interactions with partners, children, workmates and friends.

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