Individual Therapy is integral to recovery from trauma.

Trauma, especially when arising from interpersonal violence and/or neglect, can result in ongoing difficulties developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Negative relational experiences in childhood can have a profound impact on neurophysiological development, leading to emotional and somatic dysregulation, difficulties forming a sense of identity and struggles with managing one’s emotions. Through regular sessions with your individual therapist you will be able to explore your past and its impact on your present, as well as your dreams, hopes and fears for the future.

All the individual therapists at Birchtree have extensive experience working with survivors of trauma. They understand the complexities that can occur when your trust has been broken in the past. Your therapist will be patient, listening with quiet contemplation, guiding you in formulating and telling your story. They realise that trauma impacts the whole of one’s being and will also be able to assist you with your physical symptoms and sense of disconnection or dissociation.