Trauma Support Group

We are offering two Trauma Support Groups:

  • Pymble – face to face

Term 2 start date: 11th August 

Thursday Fortnightly, 6:30-8pm

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  • Forest Lodge – face to face

Term 2 start date: 7th September

Wednesday Fortnightly, 6:30-8pm

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$60 per session ($480 total)

A limited amount of low fee spots are available. Please contact us to find out more.

Registrations close 5 days before the start of each group.


Our Trauma Support Groups run for eight sessions, fortnightly. Two therapists look after and guide the group through a number of themes common to individuals struggling with a legacy of complex trauma.

Individuals meet in a safe, supportive environment that allows space for reflection and validation. It is well documented that reconnection and finding commonality with others are integral parts of recovery. This group enables participants to connect with others who have had similar histories, while making sense of their own experiences.

Requirements to participate in the group are a minimum age of 18 years and that you are engaged in individual therapy.

  • The group is aimed at complex / childhood / developmental trauma, as opposed to single-event trauma. This is important as the topics are often based around the timeline from child-adult and the family system.

  • The Trauma Support Group is not a therapy group where you talk about your specific trauma – the group is more focused on how you cope now day-to-day as a result of your trauma, this is why it is a compulsory requirement of all members to be seeing a therapist individually before joining the Trauma Support Group.

  • A support group brings people together who are going through or have gone through similar experiences – in this case developmental/childhood trauma. It provides members with a safe community, to share their coping strategies, experiences of navigating through life, and to find support in things they’re struggling with. The group also helps to remind people that they aren’t alone in their experience.

  • It is run by two clinicians who guide the group with regards to the topic for that week, and the discussion points. It is not a psycho-educational group, though information on some topics may be new, and can be elaborated on if necessary / desired by the group members. We create notes for each group based upon the particular week’s topic, we’ll send these out via email a couple of days before the group, including the questions that will come up for discussion. In the group, everyone will be given a printed version of the notes, these notes will then guide the structure of the group, with the main portion of the group being dedicated to group discussions, e.g. coping mechanisms.

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